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Shellie O’Neal is an absolute delight! She presented a dramatic monologue at our church recounting the life of Fanny Crosby. The entire presentation was fantastic! Her speech was elegant; her songs delightful. It provided our congregation with a much larger appreciation for Fanny Crosby’s life and music. Oh yes, one more thing: to highlight and authenticate the fact that Mrs. Crosby was blind, Shellie kept her eyes closed during the entire presentation! You’ll enjoy this!
Rick Lamb, Pastor, Northside Baptist Church
Corsicana, Texas

Dr. Shellie O’Neal opened a window for our understanding of one of our greatest hymn writers, Fanny J. Crosby. During the evening we were moved to laughter and tears through her delightful portrayal of the life and times that surrounded these cherished hymns. We were transported to Fanny Crosby’s living room as she visited over tea about her life and God’s blessing through poetry and music. The mammoth undertaking of research, writing, acting, and stunning vocal challenge are apparent through her performance.
Steve Jackson, Pastor, Central Baptist Church
Carthage, Texas

Few people have had a greater impact on church music than Fanny Crosby. While she is not exactly an "unsung hero," the inspiration of her life story has faded over the years. That is, until Shellie O'Neal. Now, with Dr. O'Neal's expertly written and beautifully performed one-woman play, the story of Fanny Crosby finds new vitality. Our church built a Sunday morning worship service around Shellie's play, and the people were moved and challenged in faith. We went away praising our Savior "all the day long." I recommend the witness of "This Is My Story" for churches, colleges, church music conferences, and communities everywhere. What a blessing!
Rick Willis, Pastor, First Baptist Church
Lampasas, Texas

Dr. Shellie O’Neal is the most outstanding playwright and actress we have had the privilege of experiencing at our church. We were all moved by the content and vocal expertise shown by Dr. O’Neal. It is very clear that she has a passion for performance and in particular the telling of this story.
Carol King Wansley, Music Director, St. Luke United Methodist Church
Corsicana, Texas
In Jordan, we sang Fanny in Arabic; in Tanzania, we sang Fanny in Kiswahili. Her song-stories bless those who worship in any language!
Wilson, Former Missionary to
Middle East & East Africa
Westminster Presbyterian Church members and guests of varying ages were blessed when Shellie O'Neal brought us Fanny Crosby - her faith journey and her amazing poetry put to music. The program was really a double blessing - the gifts and talents of two amazing women with a love of the Lord - Ms. Crosby and Dr. O'Neal. Please don't miss an opportunity to bless your community with this delightful and inspiring event.
Rev. Darla J. Blatnik, Westminster Presbyterian Church
Corsicana, Texas

A beautiful and memorable tribute to such a great hymnist performed by a very talented actress. Loved it.
Phil Fowler, Gilmer, Texas
If you've never seen Shellie as 'Fanny Crosby', you've missed a treat! You feel like you've truly been with Fanny. Shellie's acting and singing is, I believe, a gift from God. How thankful I am that she has chosen to use and share her gift(s) with us. Invite her to your church or your club, you will be blessed! <3
Leann Marshall, Carthage, Texas
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